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Update's From GM, Jason Lenhart 4.15.24

Hello Members and Guests of Ocala Golf Club,

I am sure that you are seeing the work the team is doing to with two objectives. The first and most important one is getting the course in position so that when the growing season begins, we get the maximum growth of Bermuda. While you are seeing a little growth in Bermuda we are not into growing season until we have consistent 70-degree temperatures at night. We are applying what we need to keep the weeds away from the areas that we vacated them from last year. Until the growing season this will be where the battle is. The greens are healthy and while we are dealing with some of the weak areas, the grass on there is healthy and has we get into the growing season we will look good. The second objective is to have the best conditions possible for “The Camp”. Some of the upcoming projects will wait till after the camp but we will be doing some sod work on Holes 12, 13 and 7 prior to.

We are exposed to a rain that comes down fast and hard and we are attempting to prevent washouts.

We will be sodding this week starting Tuesday on holes 12, 13 and 7.

We are sodding some of the worse areas on the greens from our nursery.

There should not be any back 9 starts this week due to the special projects being on the back side and later holes on the front.

Normal mowing will occur as well as some additional detail work on sprinkler heads, yardage markers and drainage.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out.

Thank you,
Jason Lenhart | General Manager