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Update's From GM, Jason Lenhart 4.1.24

Summary of prior Week:

The cart path between 1 and 2 was completed. The unfortunate damage created by the cement truck was rolled. We will continue the repairs where the rolling could not completely level.

The application of Chipco Choice was applied. This is a annual application geared at the control of mole crickets that can ruin the course in a very short time. We use an outside company for the application as it allows us to do this in 4 to 6 hours as opposed to a day and half. This company will also come back at no cost if any mole cricket activity is discovered within the year.

We continue to apply necessary herbicides and pre-emergent on a strict schedule. Last week we started to attack the carrot weed. This weed does not put up the battle the goose and crab grass does, and we should see great results from this application.

We were able to purchase some used sprinkler heads from the company who assisted us in finding the electrical break. We are using them to fix the broken heads. This is ongoing.

Week of April 1 thru April 7

The following actions our scheduled for this week. Mother Nature could change this as well as any other important project that may arise unexpectedly.

We will continue the application for the carrot weed by finishing the front 9 and by weeks end should have the back 9.

We will be slicing the Front 9 Fairways tees and miscellaneous areas. This will promote growth of Bermuda by allowing nutrients, air and water to the roots.

We will open the greens with very small holes and apply a top dressing. This will allow us to smooth the putting surface and allow air, nutrients, and water to get to the roots. This will hardly be noticed and will heal very rapidly.

The weather is consistently becoming warmer, so we are seeing the growth we have been waiting for. The greens are being mowed daily, tees and fairways are being cut twice a week and the rough and surrounding areas once a week.

Golf Operations:

We have placed course rules on every cart. We ask that everyone please adhere to these rules and practice good golf course etiquette. Your cooperation with us in following these rules of etiquette will allow our course to come back and remain in good condition.

Driving Range will close every Monday at 6pm to allow us to clean pick, that will allow maintenance to cut the grass on Tuesday am.

Golf and Range will be sold out of the Grill Wednesday through Sunday between the hours of 6pm and 7pm.

Reminder: The Camp will be held April 25th thru April 28th