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Golf with the Girls

It was early morning on a Tuesday and I remember the crisp sound that seven-iron made as it struck the ball.  It was a downhill par 3 and the ball was flying straight towards the pin.  The ball stopped about a foot from the hole and I couldn’t wait to get down to the green to putt it in for birdie. 

It was ladies association day at the course and my mom was next up to the tee.  For someone who didn’t start playing golf until her mid-thirties, Mom has always held her own on the course, and was at one point a 12 handicap.  On that particular hole that day, she raised up and topped the ball.  It screamed off the tee and down the hill and as we watched, it kept rolling.  Rolling, rolling, rolling right past my ball and into the hole.  She aced it – the first of her four holes-in-one to date.  We all screamed with excitement and high-fived.  While I did make the birdie putt I was so eager for just minutes earlier, it was a little insignificant after that ace.  It didn’t matter though, because it was another great day playing golf with my mom. 

I was blessed to grow up playing golf with my family, after learning the fundamentals at the age of 9.  I loved the competition of the game but I also always enjoyed the social aspect of being at a golf course.  You can learn a lot about someone by spending time on the golf course with them and I’ve met some truly wonderful people through the game of golf. 

Everyone has different reasons for why they enjoy golf, all of which are valid.  For some, spending time outside in the sun, a slight breeze and the smell of freshly mown grass draws them in.  For others it’s the mental challenge that golf provides or that one pure shot that lingers in the memory and you continually strive to repeat.  Travel is another great possibility in golf and also the ability to give back by playing in a charity fundraiser or by donating to junior golf programs such as the First Tee.  Finishing the round in the 19th Hole and hanging out with your friends over drinks or snacks is another great part of the game. 

One of the stories that I was especially drawn to this week was that of mother and daughter, Nell Nowack and Julie Needham.  Nell has been a regular player in our Lady Niners Association but her daughter Julie hasn’t played golf in a number of years due to work and life getting in the way.  I hope they will have great golf memories like those I share with my mom.