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Course News

Removing the old greens at Ocala Golf Club


This is the caption for the image.

The renovation of the greens at Ocala golf club is going very smoothly to date. The old emerald Bermuda has been removed and the ground has been tilled. The process was interesting to watch. The top 2 inches of soil was removed and up to 8 inches of the remaining soil was tilled. The machine is able to mix the soil place it back down without changing the original slope of the greens.

The next step is to fumigate the soil to prevent any harmful insects to be in the earth. This process will take two days. We will wait two weeks to allow this process to do its work. After the two weeks the new Bermuda grasses will be placed in. First the five feet of the turf surrounding the greens that was removed will be sodded with 419 Bermuda grass. This will allow for clean edges as the next step will be to introduce the tifeagle sprigs. Once the sprigs are tilled into the soil our maintenance crew will take the necessary steps to let grow.

While the greens are growing in the bunker renovation will begin in August. I will give more information on this process in later blogs. We are excited about the new greens and bunkers and believe that this renovation will bring everyone the best golfing experience at Ocala Golf Club. Stay tuned!